Enlighten Your Plate Membership

When you eat well, you live well.  We're here to help you enlighten your plate!


Making plant-based eating more convenient, and more affordable.

If you're trying to lead a conscious lifestyle, then we don't need to tell you how challenging it can be -- especially when it comes to food! Whether you eat plant-based/vegan, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO or all of the above, your food choices affect your wallet, your schedule, and your social life.

Ezra's Cafe has been serving plant-based, fresh, high-quality food to our community for five years. Now we're offering a Membership Program with cafe discounts and a members-only grocery program to further support you and your family, and bring more convenience and affordability to your everyday life.

 If you are already an Ezra's Cafe customer but want more support and perks, this membership is designed for you! 


It costs the same as Netflix ($9.99/month) but does so much more for your mental and physical health. :)


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Your EYP Member Benefits

Ezra's Cafe Menu Discounts

As an EYP Member, all smoothies, juices, herbal tonics and our retail herbs are available to you at a special price. 

  • $1 off smoothies
  • $1 off juices
  • $2 off herbal tonic lattes
  • $1 off Buddha Bowls
  • $1 off smoothie bowls
  • $10 off monthly "un"cooking classes

Ezra's Retail Discount - 15% off over 30 products

  • CBD products
  • Herbal tinctures
  • Herbal powders
  • Teas
  • Honey
  • Goji berries
  • and more!

We stock only the highest quality products and you get them at an amazing price just for being an EYP member!


Members-Only Wellness Grocery Program

Your membership includes access to the Wellness Grocery program  (see the full list of items below). Order groceries to supplement your weekly meals with the freshest and most delicious items, all of which would cost more and take more of your time to make at home. 

  • Stock your fridge with the same amazing quality food you're used to from Ezra's Cafe, but at a special Members-Only price.  
  • Pay online and pick-up with no wait!
  • Use as a resource for when you are bringing food to a party or pitch-in, and want to bring something delicious and plant-based without the hassle.
  • During farm season (March-October) we have herbs, produce and flower offerings on the wellness grocery list available from our urban farm ~ all grown by Audrey and Sam with love using organic and regenerative farming practices.


Items available:

Breads and Dehydrated Items

Bagel Box (4 bagel halves) - $8 ($4 savings)

Bread Box - $5/container of 7 thin almond bread slices ($2 savings)

Falafel Box (6 falafels) - $7 ($1 savings)

Cheezes, Sauces and Dressings

Herbed Cashew Cheeze (8 oz) - $7 ($1.50 savings) 

Nacho Cashew Cheeze (8 oz) - $7 ($1.50 savings) 

Tahini Dressing (16 oz) - $8 (comes with glass bottle)

Chickpea hummus (8 oz) - $5 ($1 savings)

Cashew Sour Cream (8 oz) - $7 ($1.50 savings)

Cooked items

Soup for 1 (16 oz) - $4 ($2 savings)

Slow cooked pinto beans (12 oz) - $5 ($1 savings)

Brown rice (12 oz) - $4 ($2 savings)

Quinoa (12 oz) - $4 ($2 savings)


Almond Milk - $6 (16 oz and includes re-useable glass bottle)

Coconut Milk - $5.50 (16 oz and includes re-useable glass bottle)


Almond pulp - $2 per pack (equal to 2 cups) 

Farm Herbs (seasonal)




Chef Audrey and the Ezra's Cafe crew offer "un" cooking classes to help you unlearn what you've been taught about food and re-learn just how easy and delicious it can be to ENLIGHTEN YOUR PLATE with vibrant plants. 


As an Enlighten Your Plate Member, all plant-based cooking classes at Ezra's Cafe are $10 off.


Audrey believes that preventing sickness and knowing how to heal using food and herbs is YOUR RIGHT. In the classes she shares a taste of what she's learned over the past decade of teaching classes, training with wellness experts all around the globe, consulting with clients to help them heal and running an award winning plant-based eatery with the focus of helping customers FEEL GOOD.


A $9.99 monthly investment in your health.

If you're already a regular at Ezra's Cafe, you will receive so much more than $9.99 value each month when you take full advantage of the discounts and grocery program. We want to be as accessible and affordable as possible while using the highest-quality ingredients so you can show up as the best, most vibrant version of yourself.


"This is my family's first experience with a meal subscription. I was very hesitant with different eating preferences and dietary restrictions in our home. The EYP team has been amazing, supportive, and very accommodating. We look forward to knowing we are getting the best quality fresh products for our bodies."

Lisa L
EYP Member

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