Enlighten Your Plate Membership

When you eat well, you live well.  We're here to help you enlighten your plate!


A support system for your health and wellbeing.

Prevention is KEY to longterm health.  And a huge part of preventing sickness and disease is through what we eat. 

Ezra's Cafe has been serving our community plant-based high quality food for five years.  We're now rolling out a Membership Program to help support you and your wellbeing in a much bigger and more personal way.


 If you're already an Ezra's Cafe customer and you want more support and perks, this membership is created for you. 


If you are not a physical Ezra's Cafe customer but you're looking for plant-based cooking tips, recipes and support, this membership is for you.


Ezra's Cafe Benefits - As an EYP member you'll have access cooking class discounts, cafe menu discounts and herbal retail discounts.  You'll also be able to order Wellness Groceries each week, such as fresh milks, cheezes and breads at Member's Only pricing.

Online support and resources - As an EYP member, you'll be part of a private online community with regular access to Chef Audrey as she goes live, sharing recipe and kitchen tips, gardening tips, personal stories, offering support and taking questions.  All to support you in FEELING GOOD.

Your membership also includes monthly recipes, cooking videos, gardening videos and more to support your wellbeing journey at home.

Let's do it


Chef Audrey and the Ezra's Cafe crew offer "un" cooking classes to help you unlearn what you've been taught about food and re-learn just how easy and delicious it can be to ENLIGHTEN YOUR PLATE with vibrant plants. 


As an Enlighten Your Plate Member, all plant-based cooking classes at Ezra's Cafe are $5 off.


And that's not all!  We're here to support you from the comfort of home with our online Feel Good online portal.  Chef Audrey will also be sharing recipes, kitchen tips, wellness tips, tips on growing your own food and herbs, videos and more ~ all with the focus of eating and lifestyle habits to help you FEEL GOOD. 

Audrey believes that preventing sickness and knowing how to heal using food and herbs is YOUR RIGHT.  She's sharing what she's learned over the past decade of teaching classes, training with wellness experts all around the globe, consulting with clients to help them heal and running an award winning plant-based eatery with the focus of helping customers FEEL GOOD.

This online FEEL GOOD portal alone is worth the monthly membership investment. 


Your EYP Member Benefits

Weekly Wellness Groceries

  • We prepare organic, plant-based NON-GMO milks, cheezes, breads, soups, falafels and more each week for you to pre-order and stock your refrigerator.
  • You'll be stocking your fridge with the same amazing quality food you're used to from Ezra's Cafe, but at a special Members Only price.  
  • And you'll be able to run in and pick it up ~ no waiting in line because you'll have already paid!
  • During farm season (March-October) we will have herbs, produce and flower offerings on the wellness grocery list as available from our urban farm ~ all grown by us with love using all organic and regenerative farming practices.

Need ideas on what to do with your groceries?   

Your membership includes, videos, recipes and continual online support from Chef Audrey on how to make the most of your groceries and how to incorporate more plants into your life for elevated wellbeing.


Ezra's Cafe Menu Discounts

As an EYP Member, smoothies, juices, herbal tonics and all of our retail herbs are available to you at a special price.  

  • Smoothies - $1 off
  • Juices - $1 off
  • Herbal Tonic Lattes - 15% off
  • All retail herbs, including CBD oil, tinctures, herbal powders, tea and more - 15% off  We stock only the highest quality products and you get them at an amazing price just for being an EYP Member!


Online Learning & Wellness Tribe


There is an online space just for EYP members where you will have access to recipes, videos, e-books and a private community to connect with your EYP Tribe. 

Chef Audrey connects with you via live videos, offers recipes, kitchen tips and shares valuable information on how what you eat can help you create the life you desire. 

This is a valuable part of the EYP Membership, as it allows you to learn and grow your own skills in your kitchen, hone your inner healer instincts and gain your health freedom.  Knowledge is power baby!


An over $75 monthly value for  a $19.99 monthly investment in your health.

If you're already a regular Ezra's Cafe customer and you take full advantage of the discounts, online offerings and grocery ordering, you will receive so much more than $19.99 value each month.  You'll be saving money and supporting your wellbeing and thus your overall quality of life.  


Help us Enlighten Your Life

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