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A really exciting and key part of this membership, is your online learning portal.

Chef Audrey will be taking you with her into the kitchen and the garden... offering recipes, kitchen tips, gardening tips and more via videos, writings and e-books. 

Your online portal is your library of resources that grows as we add more videos and recipes for you.  Each week, we provide a new recipe, herb guide, video, kitchen tip or gardening tip ~ helping you remember how to use food and herbs as tools for healing.   

You'll be coming along with Audrey in her kitchen and in the garden as she dives into topics such as preventing disease, gut healing, addressing women's reproductive challenges, raising healthy vibrant children and so much more.  


Access to our Private Facebook Group Community

When you join as an Enlighten Your Plate Member, you will be part of this private community of folks who want to feel better, eat better and make the world a better place.  This is a place to share recipes, ask questions, share stories and support each other.  Audrey will be active in the group regularly to check in, say hello and share tips, recipes and information.

Regular Facebook lives with Audrey:

Multiple times a month, Audrey will be heading to our Members only Facebook group.  Sometimes from the farm, sometimes the kitchen and sometimes with a cup of tea.  It’s a time to chat!  We’ll be talking food for healing, preventing sickness, emotional wellbeing, gut health....and the list goes on.  So many topics will be covered in relation to food as medicine.


We will be offering gatherings throughout the year, such as farm tours and pitch ins.  In our tours you'll get a first hand look at the farm we started in 2016, which we are growing every year into a full on food paradise, using regenerative farming practices.  

The online learning and connecting is worth the membership price alone.  We offer a place of compassionate support for your wellbeing journey.  We look forward to seeing you there.





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