Weekly Wellness Grocery Program

As an EYP Member, you have access to our Wellness Grocery Program.  Fresh-made groceries will be available to you for pre-order every week... for less time and money than it would take you to make them yourself!

This list is an example of what will be on the weekly email. All items are subject to change, depending on what we have in stock and what is seasonal at the farm. Most likely we will have more items available, but the items below are our staples.

Pre-order Grocery List Example:

Breads and Dehydrated Items  100% organic

  • Bagel Box (4 bagel halves) $8 ($4 savings)
  • Bread Box -$5/container of 7 thin almond bread slices ($2 savings)
  • Falafel Box (6 falafels) ($1 savings)

Cheezes, Sauces and Dressings  100% organic

  • Herbed Cashew Cheeze (8 oz) $7 ($1.50 savings) 
  • Nacho Cashew Cheeze (8 oz) $7 ($1.50 savings) 
  • Tahini Dressing (16 oz) - $8 (comes with glass bottle)

Cooked items  100% organic

  • Soup for 1 (12 oz) - $4 ($2 savings)
  • Slow cooked pinto beans (12 oz) $5 ($1 savings)
  • Cooked brown rice (12 oz) ($2 savings)
  • Cooked quinoa (12 oz) ($2 savings)

Milks  100% organic and made fresh for you

  • Almond Milk - (16 oz and includes glass bottle) $6
  • Coconut Milk - (16 oz and includes glass bottle) $5.50

Misc 100% organic

  • Almond pulp from our organic soaked almond milk (can be used as a gluten-free flour to make your own breads, cookies, muffins, etc.  We sell to you lower than "cost"  $2 per pack (equal to 2 cups) - comes frozen. 
  • Farm produce and herbs - our organic heirloom veggies, flowers and herbs in season at the moment.

We also have a bottle return program for milks and dressings.  Members who return bottles receive .25 cents off their next order.

All grocery items are plant-based, gluten-free, organic and non-gmo.  No fillers, processed sugar or preservatives.  Made fresh with love.


We will update the list as it grows and changes, but this will give you a look at the basics that should always be on the list each week.

You have two grocery ordering options:

1. Call your order in to our team at 317-255-3972 by 3pm Wednesday-Friday and let us know if you would like to pick up Sunday or Monday.

2. Order online  We provide you the link when you sign up.  Choose the items you want and the day and time you would like to pick up.  Add your member number to the notes section.  And pay!  We will review your order, call if we have questions and add them to the kitchen list.  

*** We ask that you please have your member card with you and always show it when picking up your groceries as well as any time you get a discount on something you're ordering.  The cards are an important part of our kitchen staff being able to identify you quickly.  For many of you we know you and your face, but remember that we also have new employees periodically.  Please use your card just like you would at Kroger or any other membership with a card.  We appreciate it! ***


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