Enlighten Your Plate

What we eat (and drink) dictates our quality of life. 

This is a one-of-a-kind Membership for those who want to elevate their quality of life by using plants to heal.

What's on your plate (and in your cup) matters!  We're here to help you upgrade what's on your plate, thus elevating this one precious life you have.  There is no better time than NOW.

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Ezra's Cafe Menu Discounts

As a Member, you receive discounts on menu items at Ezra's Enlightened Cafe, such as juices, smoothies, specialty natural healing retail items, classes and more.

Wellness Groceries

As a Member, you can order our "Wellness Groceries" each week from Ezra's Cafe.  Organic, fresh plant-based cheezes, milks, breads, soups and more to stock your fridge.  All at Members-only pricing.

Online Community and Learning

As an EYP Member, you have access to monthly recipes, kitchen tips and videos from Chef Audrey, as well as an online private group community and more.

Our Mission is to help you heal and thrive.

Ezra's Enlightened Cafe was created as a space for healing through food, drink and education.  Our mission is for you to leave us feeling better than when you arrived.  Our Membership is no different ~ it's created to help you connect with plants to FEEL BETTER.  

Find out more about the cafe and more about Chef Audrey who is leading the online learning for this membership.

A decision toward wellbeing.

We're here to help you live your best life, period. That's why this membership exists. Whether you are signing up for the wellness groceries to help keep your fridge stocked with high quality foods, for the Ezra's Cafe discounts or for the online learning and community, it's worth it. YOU are worth it. Your health and quality of life are WORTH IT.

Help us help you Enlighten Your Plate

Ezra's Cafe was created to feed people food that heals. Now we're offering so much more. The ability to order NON-GMO plant-based and gluten-free groceries allows you to stock your fridge with items you can feel amazing about serving to your family and for yourself. The member's only discounts at the cafe helps you save money on menu and retail items that support your well-being. And what we're really excited about is the opportunity to support you through our online community and resource portal. This is where Chef Audrey will be sharing how to gain your freedom through feeding and healing yourself and your family - through recipes, community and even learning how to grow your own food and medicine. This is a full circle program to support you and enlighten your life. Check it out!


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