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Ezra's Enlightened Cafe nourished the Indianapolis community for 7.5 years.  We closed our doors on April 2nd 2022.  

Our next mission is to provide a recipe book with all of your favorite Ezra's Cafe recipes!  


The Ezra's Cafe Valentine's Desserts E-book

Enjoy five high vibration raw vegan & gluten-free recipes, created by Chef Audrey. Your e-book includes 20 pages of resources and information as well as the ability to ask Chef Audrey recipe related questions.



20 page e-book including 5 raw vegan & gluten-free recipes created and tested by Chef Audrey

This unique offering comes with the ability to ask questions regarding the 5 recipes in the comments section, which will be answered by Chef Audrey


Your E-book also includes a short introduction video from chef Audrey with tips on how to have success with your recipes.

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