Enlighten Your Plate

You know that what you put into your body directly affects your quality of life. But it can be so difficult to maintain a conscious, plant-based lifestyle along with everything else... after all, there are only 24 hours in a day!

That's why we created the Enlighten Your Plate membership. If you already love the food at Ezra's and want to go deeper with us, this membership is for you. We want to be a support and resource!


With café menu discounts, amazing discounts on all herbs we carry in our apothecary and a members-only grocery program, this membership was designed to bring more convenience and affordability for our high vibe food and your access to high quality herbs.

Registration is open now. Click below to sign up!

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Ezra's Cafe Menu Discounts

Members receive discounts on menu items at Ezra's Enlightened Cafe, such as juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, Buddha Bowls, salads, specialty natural healing retail items, cooking classes, and more. If you come in to the café often, this benefit alone is worth the membership price!

Herbal Apothecary Discounts

Try new herbal remedies and adaptogens more easily with a generous 15% off our entire selection of retail herbs, including CBD! We only stock the best brands and herbs, the ones Audrey has tried, tested, and uses in her daily life or in recipes at the café. 

Wellness Groceries

Members can order our "Wellness Groceries" each week from Ezra's Cafe.  Freshly made organic, non-GMO, plant-based cheezes, milks, breads, soups, herbs, and more to stock up your fridge or bring to social events, all at members-only pricing.

More accessibility for the freshest food.

The Valentine's Desserts E-book is here!

Enjoy five high vibration raw vegan & gluten-free recipes, created by Chef Audrey. Your e-book includes 20 pages of resources and information as well as the ability to ask Chef Audrey recipe related questions. Your e-book also comes with an introduction/kitchen tip video from Chef Audrey



20 page e-book including 5 raw vegan & gluten-free recipes created and tested by Chef Audrey

This unique offering comes with the ability to ask questions regarding the 5 recipes in the comments section, which will be answered by Chef Audrey


Your E-book also includes a short introduction video from chef Audrey with tips on how to have success with your recipes.

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